Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dates Amla juice

My DH will consume dates as well as amla daily. One day amla was little sour and he asked me prepare it as a juice for him. Woowwwww. It came out excellent.Consuming dates and amla is very good for health for iron content.


Amla - 1

Dates - 2 - seed variety

Brown sugar - 2 tbsp - preferred

Water to grind.


1. In a jar, add amla, dates and brown sugar. Grind it for  10 sec.

2. After it is well grounded, add some water to the jar and grind it again.

3. When it becomes a fine paste, remove and extract juice from the grounded one.

4. Pour it in a glass tumbler and serve. Consume as soon as possible.


  1. that is an innovative drink... and not to mention very healthy... I am going to try this soon..

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