Monday, October 31, 2011

Corn Rava Kesari

In stores here, we get corn rava. while shopping i will pass by it and never think of doing any recipe from it. My MIL told me that she will that in wheat upma. So i decided to do a sweet with this and the result was fabulous and healthy too. No need of color as it is in orange color itself.


Corn rava - 1 cup - Roasted

Sugar - 2 cup

Water - 1 1/2 cup

Cardamom powder - 1 tsp

Cashews - 10 - broken

Raisins - few

Ghee - 2 tbsp - for frying

         - 1/2 cup for kesari


1. In a nonstick or hard bottomed pan, heat ghee and fry cashews and raisins. Remove.

2. In the same kadai, add water and let it to boil.

3. Add rava and stir it continuously.

4. Add sugar and fold in continuously to remove lumps.

5. When very well cooked, add ghee and stir till ghee floats on top.

6. Add fried cashews and raisins and remove.

7. Garnish and then serve.


1. If served hot, it tastes great. When cold, it was not that much tastier.

2. I make bars. After removing from the stove, I transferred it to a greased plate. Cool and then cut into diamonds or whatever shape you want and then serve.


  1. Awesome and simple way of explain in the site.try it