Thursday, June 04, 2009

Laisy Daisy Stitch

Laisy Daisy stitch is also known as Detached Chain Stitch. This stitch is often used to work for flower motifs in the form of a daisy. So it is called Laisy Daisy stitch.

To work this stitch, take the needle from bottom to top of the fabric. Insert the needle by the side of the thread and take the needle to the other side of the petal as shown.

Loop the thread under the tip of the needle in counter clockwise direction as shown.

Dont pull the thread tightly. Leave it in a loose form.

Insert the needle as like to end the flower/daisy.

It will end like this as a petal.

Now the daisy here.

Variations of laisy daisy stitch:

With straight stitch:

Laisy daisy stitch with a straight stitch

Berry stitch:

Step - I

Put a laisy daisy stitch first as shown.

Step - II

Put a second laisy daisy stitch upon the first one.

Step - III

Berry stitch is this one.

Berry stitch with same colors and different colors.

With bullion knot:

With bullion tip:

Decorative laisy daisy:

With french knot:

another laisy daisy:

Rose bud with fly stitch - I

Rose bud with fly stitch - II

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